Thursday, June 30, 2016

AMD Readon

AMD Redeon the first GPU architecture built for the modern Finfet processes..High speed processor.
High performance and 4 GB and 8GB capacities which means the differences between the vendors will come down to pack in items.
Stream processors 2304( 36 CUs)              2560(40CUs)       and        1792(28 CUs)
Texture Units            144                                 160                                         112
ROPs                         32                                       64                                           32          
Base Clock           1120 MHz                            1000 MHz                            970 MHz
Boost Clock         7/8 Gbps              7 Gbps(DDR5)    5 Gbps(GDDR5)                                5.5 Gbps(GDDR5)
Memory Bus Width         256 Bit                                  512 Bit                                   256 Bit
VRAM                                   8GB                        4GB                        8GB                        2GB
Transistor Count               5.7B                       6.2B                       5.0B
Typical Board Power                       150W                     215W                     190W
Manufacturing process                 GloFo 14nm FinFET         TSMC 28nm                         TSMC 28NM
GPU                       Polaris  10                            Hawaii                                                                   Tonga
Launch Date       06-29-16                               06-18-15                                         06-18-15

Price                      $239                                       $199                                                 $199

Friday, June 24, 2016

online dating site

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

10 Top Free Blogging site

Blogging career is great way for freelancing and your personal blogging. A website of text, photo and media objective and data arranged that can be viewed an html browser. You can post your personal or business  plan and many more using blogs site. Blogging platforms provide you with the essential set of tools and functionalities that let you publish your digital content on the web with little to no coding skill. There are many free website offer you to create free blog webste.
For example:
Wordpress  is free blogging website. You can create beautiful site or blog using
This is open source blogging site.You can make money using your own skill.

Blogger is free blog hosting site that allows multi user blogs with stamped entries and it has been blocked for various periods of time the following countries and it has following limitations on bandwidth and content storage. You can make money using Google adsense  by monetize the blog with Google ads from your blog site.
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Forum Posting Tutorial

If you want to make a profile link you need to go first your search engine Google, Yahoo or Bing and Type on the search bar box                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

You can type "powered by PunBB" "your keyword"
              "powered by SMF" "your keyword"
              "powered by MyBB" "your keyword"

Open site and complete register 

Follow step by step
A.      Click on I agree
B.      Fill up forum
C.      Click on the submit registration
D.      Check your mail and click on verify link in your mail inbox
E.       Login your account if need
F.       Click user control panel or User CP
G.     Click edit profile
H.      Fill up profile and update Avatar
I.        Change the signature and keyword
If you face to change your signature just type www.your  link or
[url=your website]your keyword[/url]